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    Yesterday for our final Scandinavian Interior Architecture class we were first taken to the Kvorning Design and Kommunikation firm which designed the whole aquarium exhibition. Here we got a presentation on how much work went into the project, the concept behind all the displays, and a behind the scenes look into the aquarium. Then the project manager for the aquarium brought us all to the aquarium!! It was such a fantastic experience. We got to see first hand the issues Kvorning had with figuring out a cohesive circulation in such an oddly shaped building, it was a little difficult  to navigate, but we saw everything! We saw sea lions, a shy octopus, and sharks. We even found Nemo, Dory, and various characters from the Pixar film!! (see picture above)

    **fun fact about the building: this exhibit is a small one if you’ve ever been to an aquarium back home, but the design of the building allows for future outward expansion of the form without compromising the original shape and intention

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