1. Weekend Recap

    Today is Wednesday the 15th. This means that Scott and Laura are finally here! It also means that I have 3, well almost 2 days left in Copenhagen. It feels like this semester has flown by. I can’t believe that after 4 months of adjusting myself to the culture and creating a home in Copenhagen, that I have to pack up my life and leave.
    Speaking of packing…holy crap. I have a lot of stuff. My mom helped out and took a suitcase full of winter clothes and design supplies that I no longer need, and now it’s up to me to take the rest home. I’m a little nervous about how heavy my big suitcase is, but if I could get it here I should be able to get it home. I actually didn’t do too much shopping while here, give or take some clothes and shoes. But it’s stressful nonetheless, and since Scott and Laura are coming, I wanted to get all the packing out of the way yesterday and today. So now I’m basically living out of a duffel bag and praying that everything weighs the right amount. Fingers crossed!

    My mom and I had a wonderful weekend in Copenhagen. She said it was one of the best mother’s day weekends she’s ever had. I mean if I were bumped up to first class on a 7 hr flight I’d be pretty happy too. So since she got bumped to first, she was also moved to an earlier flight which got in at 7am Friday morning. I was happy because she would get to see so much more and we’d be able to settle in and bring all her bags home before venturing out. I’ll admit I cried when she walked thru the arrival gate. I didn’t realize how much I had missed her and can only imagine how much crying is going to happen on Saturday when I get home.

    Anyways, the first day she was here we walked everywhere. There’s just so much to see in Copenhagen and I wanted to make sure she’d get to see it all. We walked all around the old part of the city where DIS is, up to Kongens Nytorv, over the bridge to Christianshavn, up the Church of our Savior spire (she was so scared),

    thru Christiania (she didn’t like it very much),

    over to the Royal Opera House,

    to Nyhavn for some much needed beers,

    and back to the DIS area. We went home and I made her dinner, then we sat down to watch a movie and eat some popcorn, and she fell asleep on me! I deserved it tho. After such a long flight, it wasn’t too fair to make her walk so much but we had fun! And it was so nice to finally be able to share my home for the last 4 months with her.

    On Saturday we walked along Ørestad Boulevard and saw all the buildings that line the metro tracks. We walked from Ørestad to Islands Brygge and back thru the suburbs towards the fantastic ice cream place that Jonas brought us all to after Tivoli on Thursday.

    Then we made our way into the city. We went to Rosenborg (see one of my first posts with all the crown jewels) and this time the top floors were open so we toured the whole building and then finished in the treasury. Then we went to the botanical gardens and then café paludon for dinner and beer before we went to the ballet. The ballet was at the Royal Theater and it was one little ballet called La Ventana and another that I don’t remember the name of. But the queen was there. My friends had told me that occasionally she comes, but it was so cool to finally see her!

    I ended up being the one that fell asleep on my mom, during the ballet actually…oops. So we went home to rest up before mother’s day.
    Sunday we started the morning with flowers and chocolates and brunch at Nyhavn. Then we watched the changing of the guard, walked up to the little mermaid, took a canal tour, walked to the lakes, found the glass market, bought some cheese and olives for dinner, had some beer, and then went to the Bella Sky hotel Skybar for more drinks.

    As you can tell we had quite the busy weekend. I was really sad to see my mom go on Monday morning. I know I’ll see her on Saturday, but it just made me homesick because I couldn’t get on the plane with her. But I know that these next few days are just going to fly by and before I know it I’ll be home and that scares me a bit. This has been such a wonderful experience and I just want it to go on forever.

  2. Scandinavian Interior Architecture_Bagsværd Church_Jørn Utzon

  3. Copenhagen Zoo_Kick start to my last week abroad

  4. Tivoli Gardens_Copenhagen_Denmark_Even the peacocks know what’s up

  5. Tivoli Gardens_Copenhagen_Denmark_The inspiration for the happiest place on Earth


  6. A little inactive lately…

    Well it’s official. I’m done with classes at DIS! All of my projects are turned in and presented, papers written, and quizzes taken. The End.

    So since I have nothing productive left to do, I have found myself with more free time than I know what to do with. We just had our Architecture Department end of the semester BBQ and farewell award ceremony this afternoon and I no longer have any DIS events that I am obligated to attend. (not that I minded, I mean it is free food after all)

    For our last architecture studio today, BB took us out to a town I don’t remember the name of. It’s about a 25min train ride north of Copenhagen. We went to a church that was designed by Utzon in 1976 when he returned to Denmark after the completion of the Sydney Opera house. He was inspired by the movement of clouds and I will be sure to have pictures up as soon as I edit them :)

    On my way home from the BBQ I took my time and wandered a little and since I already had my camera, I decided to take pictures of the streets of Copenhagen. Strangely enough I still haven’t done that! I’ve spent all semester taking thousands of pictures of everywhere else besides Copenhagen so now it’s time I showed you all where I live! Better late than never right?

    So now the plan is to take the next 9 days and see everything and more there is to see in Copenhagen so I can share it with all of you back home. My mom is coming on Friday and staying through Monday, so she gets to spend Mother’s Day with the best (and only) daughter ever! I’ve got a couple of surprises in the works for Sunday, but otherwise we’re going to do every touristy thing we can think of and do and eat all the great things Copenhagen offers!

    I’m so excited to see her!!!!!!!!!!! AND THEN Scott and Laura come next Wednesday!!!! Everybody’s coming to see me!!! AND THEN I go home next Saturday! Ummmm excuse me? Yea….let’s not think about that right now…

  7. Scandinavian Interior Architecture_SEB Bank_Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects

  8. lavagabond:

    Tusind tak DIS! As you all know I’m a blogger for my school, DIS (danish institute for study abroad) Tonight DIS took all the bloggers out for dinner as a way to thank us for blogging throughout the semester. We had dinner at Den Tatoverede Enke. Our meal started out with Belgian beer and bread. The main course was lamb and potatoes drizzled with an amazing sauce. We finished off with a rhubarb cake topped with coconut and served with this amazing raspberry belgian beer. It was great to see all the faces of the bloggers, can’t believe how soon the program is ending…

    Since my camera died at the aquarium beforehand, I wasn’t able to capture any of this awesomeness. So thanks for letting me borrow your post Virginia!

  9. Scandinavian Interior Architecture_Den Blå Planet_3XN Architects_Kvorning Design

    Yesterday for our final Scandinavian Interior Architecture class we were first taken to the Kvorning Design and Kommunikation firm which designed the whole aquarium exhibition. Here we got a presentation on how much work went into the project, the concept behind all the displays, and a behind the scenes look into the aquarium. Then the project manager for the aquarium brought us all to the aquarium!! It was such a fantastic experience. We got to see first hand the issues Kvorning had with figuring out a cohesive circulation in such an oddly shaped building, it was a little difficult  to navigate, but we saw everything! We saw sea lions, a shy octopus, and sharks. We even found Nemo, Dory, and various characters from the Pixar film!! (see picture above)

    **fun fact about the building: this exhibit is a small one if you’ve ever been to an aquarium back home, but the design of the building allows for future outward expansion of the form without compromising the original shape and intention


  10. Life since traveling

    Sorry I haven’t posted anything but pictures. I really haven’t had the time nor energy to put thought into a blog post. You see, since I got back from Spain I’ve been swamped with work (well nothing compared to home, but for study abroad it’s a lot). I’m trying to finish my design project as soon as possible because the weather is getting nicer and nicer and I want to enjoy my last 17 days in Copenhagen….Wait, what?

    Yup I only have a little over two weeks in this beautiful country. Two weeks to cram in everything I haven’t had time for, finish all my classes, entertain my mom and 2 friends for a visit, and lastly pack. I don’t even want to think about packing because it’s going to be such a pain.

    My design project has to be submitted for plotting by 9am on Sunday morning, but I’ve been spending some long hours on the computer these past 5 days to get it done by Friday. The original intention was so that I could enjoy the warmest weather all semester, this weekend. But after my 20th century European History class, I now have a paper and a final exam on Tuesday…..not to mention a Danish paper due.

    Today is the first day of MAY! That means it is the Danish version of Labor Day and we all go to Fælledparken to lay around a park all day with food, music, political speeches, some beers, and a frisbee. I’ve been working extra hard so I don’t have to worry about any work at all today and I can enjoy the beautiful sunny weather that’s in the forecast. Although right now I feel like a nice nap in the sun would be fantastic :)

    Tomorrow is a busy day too. I’m going to be working all morning photoshopping my renderings, then for class at 3 we get to go to the newly opened aquarium!!! AND THEN I get to go to a DIS blogger dinner for all of us lovely people that spend a few hours a week posting for all of our wonderful readers :)

    So much to do in so little time, hopefully I will be able to cross everything off my ‘to do’ list!! (I have many of those in various places around my room)

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